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Welcome to Smokin’ Wood Pellets. Your premier provider for quality BBQ pellets and BBQ supplies. Our initial goal is to make quality cooking pellets available to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland & New York  pellets users.

It has been very hard to find quality pellets here in the North East. Most pellet manufacturers are located in the mid west and the shipping expense for small orders ends up costing the end user 1.00 per pound or more. Our goal is to supply you with the best quality pellets, at the best prices. Pellets will be available for pick up at our Delanco New Jersey location. We will also be available to meet you “half way” or deliver to your door for minimum delivery charges depending on quantity and location. Bottom line is, we will work with you on making it happen.

We are happy to add, that we are distributors of both Cookinpellets & Lumber Jack pellets.

So, whether you are a backyard pellet burner, or a competition BBQ cook, we look forward to being your pellet supplier and forging some new friendships along the way.  Pellets when you need them, at affordable prices!!

Thanks for reading!

John(AKA Pellet Burner)

INFORMATION: Our online store can take your orders.  We suggest you start by making your order online, we will then contact you on setting up your pick-up or delivery of pellets. Payments can be made once you have your total by paypal, or in person once we have established how to get you your pellets.

Shipping Solved!
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How Are BBQ Pellets Made?
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