About Us

Welcome to Smokin Wood Pellets! We have been using a smoker pellet grill for over 7 years now. After a near disastrous event with a gas grill, it was booted to the curb. Since we loved grilling, we went on a search for something that would cook great and be easy and fun to use, but a lot less dangerous than our gas grill. We came across a Traeger Pellet Grill, Texas model and haven't looked back since.

Neither of us can make the claim of being great outdoor cooks, but we are learning more as we go along from a few great sites on the internet. With so many fantastic people to learn from, its been great fun. The one thing that has not been fun is buying pellets, particularly in the North East. Few dealers carry them, and it has just been a hassle and very expensive to have small orders shipped.

After purchasing our new Yoder ys 640 and planning to cook on it every chance we get, we decided to jump into the pellet distribution fray. Our goal is to make purchasing pellets easy and as inexpensive as possible. We look forward to meeting lots of great people and forging new friendships on the way!

Happy Smoking!

John & Fanny