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Blend MHC  1/3rd Maple-1/3rd Hickory-1/3rd Cherry  40lb Bags

Fine blend of Maple smoke flavor with a tinge of fruity Flavor and touched off with a hint of

Maple – Maple provides a mild, smoky and somewhat sweet flavor to foods. It is best used with pork, poultry, small game birds, and is often considered to be a good wood for grilling vegetables. Maple also is a good choice to smoke ham and most cheese.  There are many types of maple, but all provide similar smoking qualities and flavors; Sugar Maple and Red Maple are a couple of the more popular and available kinds of maple.

Hickory – Hickory is probably the most common type of wood used for smoking (along with Oak). Hickory provides a strong pungent smoky bacon flavor and can be used for all types of meat, but is especially good for cuts of pork, beef, and ribs.  There are many type of Hickory but the most common around the Midwest is the Shagbark and the Pignut.  Both are similar in flavoring but the shagbark is a little stronger.  A little hickory goes a long way in smoking so don’t over use it.

Cherry – Along with apple this is one of the most popular fruit woods used for smoking.  Also like apple it will provide most meats with a subtle sweet flavor.  Meats cooked with cherry will get a very nice reddish color to them and the smoke ring will be very dark and pronounced.  Most of the cherry wood you find will be from a wild black cherry tree but if you find a fruit cherry tree that needs trimming or to be removed, you’ve hit the jackpot.