The difficulty of having pellets shipped to us is what pushed us into starting this website. We understand the financial pain it causes. Unless you're committed to buying in a huge quantity, which entails having a place and equipment to unload them, not to mention a place to store them, it's just not that practical for most people. Financially you can probably find better things to do with the money you would have tied up.

If you live in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey & New York area, you now have an option. Pellets can be picked up at our Delanco, New Jersey location, or we can set up a midway point to meet and we will bring them to you. We can also deliver to areas that are in a reasonable range from Delanco New Jersey before you have to absorb any delivery charges. We will deal with all orders on an individual basis in order to get you the best prices possible. Pellets when you need them, 7 days a week.

For those that are not in the area, we can have bulk products shipped directly from us or directly from the manufacturer at discount rates- still saving you money.

Drop us an email with what you need, your location, and we will work with you from that point so you can spend less time inside on the computer and more time outside on your pellet grill!